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2014-12-26 | Peer Reviewed

Environmental risks of shale gas development in China

Wang, Zhongmin, Alan Krupnick and Yushuang Wang. 2014. “Environmental risks of shale gas development in China.” Energy Policy 75: 117-125.
Download reference Doi:10.1016/j.enpol.2014.07.022

Shale gas development in China can generate great potential economic benefits, but also poses serious environmental risks. In this paper, we offer a macro assessment of the environmental risks of shale gas development in China.

We use the US experience to identify the nature of shale gas development activities and the types of potential burdens these activities may create. We then review the baseline environmental conditions and the effectiveness of environmental regulations in China and discuss the implications of these China-specific factors for risk assessment. We recommend China to conduct a strategic environmental assessment and to consider sector-specific environmental regulations.