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2011-06-17 | Peer Reviewed

Environmental and Development Issues in Latin America: Moving Forward

Alpízar, Francisco and Juan-Pablo Montero. 2011. “Environmental and development issues in Latin America: moving forward.” Environment and Development Economics 16:3: 243-245.
Download reference Doi:10.1017/S1355770X11000118

For the most part, economic research in Latin America has had a ‘macro’ orientation (e.g., economic growth, monetary and fiscal policy, hyperinflation crisis). This is perfectly understandable because of the macro instability that has affected the entire region for decades and that still remains in many places.

However, the composition of research is gradually changing as more attention is paid to a wider set of problems. Nowadays we see an increasing number of researchers in the region focusing on a variety of economic problems dealing with health, education, poverty alleviation, competition policy and the protection of natural resources and pollution control, among many others. This special issue of Environment and Development Economics presents a small sample of four research papers on these latter topics by researchers in established academic institutions in the region.