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2011-11-06 | Peer Reviewed

Engaging with the Cimate Change Regime: China's Challenges and Activities

. 2011. “Engaging with the Cimate Change Regime: China's Challenges and Activities.” The China Monitor 66: 4-9.
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Addressing environmental challenges. including climate change has been rationalized in China as both necessary for solving domestic problems and capable of gaining new business opportunities and competitive advantages.

As of September 2011, China hosted almost half (45.72%) of the global total of 3,447 Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects registered with the UNDCCC. Furthermore, cities such as Baoding have gained competitiveness in producing and exporting solar panels in the global market (Zhu 2011). Before reaching such a consensus in the Chinese society, the Chinese central government has worked hard to mainstream the environment and a climate agenda in government decision-making.