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2020-03-02 | Policy Brief

Does female economic empowerment promote development?

Balasubramanian, Pooja, Marcela Ibanez, Sarah Khan and Soham Sahoo. 2019. “Does female economic empowerment promote development?.”
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The persisting inequalities women face while entering the labor market, make female economic empowerment a major policy objective for international organisations, local governments, non-profit organisations, researchers, and private companies. However, female economic empowerment should not only tackle those inequalities itself but it is also considered a key element to end poverty and boost economic prosperity. The 17th PEGNet Policy Brief  examines this connection between female economic empowerment and development.

It is possible to read this policy brief here.


  • Ibanez, Marcela
  • Other authors:
    Balasubramanian, Pooja
    Khan, Sarah
    Sahoo, Soham