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2017-09-18 | Peer Reviewed

Distance to Work in Beijing: Institutional Reform and Bargaining Power

Wang, Lanlan and Ping Qin. 2017. “Distance to work in Beijing: Institutional reform and bargaining power.” Urban Studies. 54:6: 1385-1406.
Download reference Doi:10.1177/0042098015620358

In this study, we use a large sample from the Beijing Household Travel Survey to build husband-wife dyads, construct variables to measure bargaining power between spouses and place intra-household travel arrangements within a broader institutional framework to analyse relationships between institutions, bargaining power and travel patterns of married men and women. The empirical results reveal that bargaining power does matter in determining intra-household commute arrangements. The overarching institutional framework meanwhile sets boundaries for bargaining, and defines which resources are effective bargaining chips for individuals.