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2010-09-29 | Policy Brief

Costa Rican transport policies: a stakeholder analysis

Osakwe, Rebecca. 2010. “Costa Rican transport policies: a stakeholder analysis.”
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Costa Rica’s transport sector contributes to the aggravation of problems such as air pollution, vehicular congestion and traffic accidents that mainly affect the country’s urban areas. In this analysis, stakeholders associated with a key set of transport policies are identified and their roles in current and future policymaking are assessed.

This stakeholder analysis makes it clear that the development and implementation of policies involves a complex interplay of conflicting interests. These conflicts arise for various reasons, including the following:

  • individuals often belong to more than one stakeholder group
  • a stakeholder group can be internally divided, with some members in favor of a specific policy reform and others against it
  • institutions are not free of corruption, which can be manifested in multiple ways and have various effects.