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2008-09-01 | Thesis MSC

‘Contribute! You can make a difference!’

Hellmark, Ida and Anna Nordén. 2008. “‘Contribute! You can make a difference!’” MSc - thesis
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A nature field experiment and a choice experiment of the payment system of voluntary contribution. Evidence from Cahuita National Park in Costa Rica.

This study investigates what affects the individual’s voluntary contribution to an environmental public good, more specific to Cahuita national park. This park has a unique payment system of voluntary donation. By using a natural field experiment, this study examines the socio-economic characteristics and motives behind the voluntary donation. This study also examines how information affects the voluntary donation. The written information distributed increases the voluntary donation by almost 100%, while the oral information given demonstrates a greater influence on the free-riding problem. We also estimate the marginal willingness to pay for an increase of the services in Cahuita national park by using the choice experiment method. The willingness to pay is shown to be positive for an increase in the number of environmentally friendly toilets and showers available, and an augmentation of information available inside the park. The payment system of voluntary donation is not profitable, but we find a positive marginal willingness to pay for the system, and our observations show that the visitors are positive to the system of voluntary donation.




By Anna Nordén and Ida Hellmark