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2015-12-03 | video

AC3 Water, communities and climate change

AC3 Water, communities and climate change

In Central America there are approximately 24,000 organizations responsible for providing water for domestic consumption (CBDWO). These organizations are key agents in the generation of human well-being and reduction of poverty in the region.

The vast majority of CBDWO are small and highly dependent on the availability of surface water and groundwater. In addition to a number of inherent weaknesses and threats in the socio-economic environment, the trends of change towards higher temperatures and drought events longer are significant additional threat to the satisfaction of the consumption needs of million people served by the CBDWO of the region.

This short film explains the aim and objectives of the EfD Central America research project: AC3- Water, communities and climate change. and was selected for display in the Global Landscape Forum video corner in Paris on Dec 5-6, 2015.