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Adaptation to climate change in African agriculture

Agriculture in developing countries in general and Sub-Saharan African agriculture in particular, will be affected adversely by climate change. It is therefore  important to identify the drivers and impact of adaptation to climate change in the agricultural sector of the region. In view of this, the main aims of this collaborative research program are:

  • investigate the impact of climate change on agricultural productivity
  •  analyze the scope for adaptation for example in the form of crop choice, and the role of social networks
  • reveal the links between risk preference and decisions for adaptation,
  • investigate the factors that limit the adoption of productivity-enhancing agricultural technologies.

This  programs involves researchers from EfD centers in Ethiopia, Tanzania, South Africa and Central America

Theme leaders: Peter Berck and Salvatore Di Falco 


15 May 2014 - IDRC Approves Project on Increasing Resilience to Climate Change in Ethiopian Agriculture