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2013-11-12 | project

The Consortium for Energy Economics and Policy in China

RFF’s Center for Energy Economics and Policy (CEEP) has partnered with institutions in China to create a new collaboration dedicated to improving energy policy in China: the Consortium for Energy Economics and Policy in China (CEEPIC).

CEEPIC’s initial focus is on four issue areas:

  1. Development risks, social costs, economics, and policies associated with unconventional fossil fuels;
  2. Transportation options for a low-carbon future;
  3. China’s pilot programs for carbon trading; and
  4. Economics and policies associated with renewable energy.

CEEPIC experts developed a series of white papers on the US shale gas experience and implications for China, an expansion of presentations they made on these topics at the International Forum on Shale Gas Development and Utilization in Beijing in November 2012.

Refer to the link below for detail on this project.