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2013-09-13 | project

Catalysts for Conservation: Exploring Behavioral Science Insights for Natural Resource Investments

RFF researchers review how insights from social and behavioral science research disciplines pertain to environmental attitudes and behaviors. They examine the environmental behaviors of individuals, businesses, communities, and society as a whole, specifically related to the conservation of natural resources.

In this project the authors use social and behavioral science insights to shed light on the decisions and choices that:

  • affect the efficient and effective use of natural resources;
  • reduce waste (energy, water, material, and so on);
  • reduce pollution; and
  • facilitate the management of terrestrial and marine ecosystems to restore, enhance, or preserve these ecosystems, their functions, and interconnected biodiversity.

This project is carried out by RFF's Center for the Management of Ecological Wealth.

Refer to the link below for detail on this project.