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2011-02-04 | project

On Adaptation to Climate Change and Food Security in Ethiopia

This research will examine the impact of adaptation strategies on farmers’ food production. We will investigate whether there are differences in the food production functions of farm households that adopted adaptation strategies and those that did not adopt.

To this end a simultaneous equations model with endogenous switching to account for the heterogeneity in the decision to implement those strategies or not, and for unobservable characteristics of farmers and their farm will be adopted. We then will compare the expected food production under the actual and counterfactual cases that the farm household adapted or not to climate change. This will identify if the group of farm households that adapted has systematically different characteristics than the group of farm households that did not adapt. The data will be drawn from the EEHS (Ethiopian Environment Household Survey) . We will also use climatic data from satellite or other sources as appropriate.