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    Håkan Eggert to EfD Tanzania

    Håkan Eggert, Research Fellow from EfD Sweden, will work as Resident Advisor at EfD Tanzania during 2008/2009. He will participate in the inauguration of the Tanzanian EfD Center on January 28.


      Gardner Brown honored by AERE

      Professor Emeritus Gardner Brown, EfD Research Associate, is honored by the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists with two different awards.


        Francisco Alpizar gets his boots muddy

        ”I want to create a research environment that works like an academy but with people who are prepared to get their boots muddy – ready to go out into the field and to contact policy makers,” says Francisco Alpizar, coordinator of the EfD in Central America. 


          Sterner President of EAERE 2008-2009

          Professor Thomas Sterner, who is chair of the EfD Research Committee, is elected President of The European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE) 2008-2009.


          Soil knowledge can improve environment and save lives

          Knowledge about soil can reduce damage to the environment and save lives. This is what environmental economist Anders Ekbom shows in his doctoral thesis on soil capital, land use and agricultural production in Kenya. Such knowledge is important for a large number of developing countries in Africa, Asia and Central America.


            Juan Camilo Cardenas visited the EEU

            Juan Camilo Cardenas from the University of Los Andes visited the department from November 26 to November 28. He was the faculty opponent at the thesis defense of Marcela Ibanez. He also gave a seminar on “The dynamics of rules and common-pool resources.”


              EfD Annual Meeting

              The first annual meeting for EfD, Environment for Development initiative, took place November 5-9, 2007, in Cape Town. All research fellows from the EfD centers, as well as a number of collaborators, were invited. The program included presentations and discussions of EfD work in progress as well as interactions to develop next year’s research program.


                EEPC & IoEE Launching Ceremony, October 29th-30th, 2007

                The Launching Ceremony of the Environmental Economics Program in China (EEPC) and the Institute of Environment and Economy (IoEE) took place at the Multi-Function Hall, Centennial Hall, Peking University on October 29th, 2007. A succedent workshop focused on Environment for Development is on October 30th 2007.


                  Swedish minister inaugurated EfD in China

                  Sweden´s Minister for Enterprise and Energy, Maud Olofsson inaugurated the new Chinese research institute of environmental economics that Peking University has started in collaboration with the Environmental Economics Unit, School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg.


                    EEPFE conducted a national workshop

                    EEPFE conducted a national workshop with the theme “institutionalization of the collaborative research and capacity building for sustainable agriculture, natural resource management, and policy research in Amhara National Regional State.”