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2019-10-25: Remidius Ruhinduka, EfD Tanzania, Department of Economics, University of Dar es Salaam at the meeting of Tanzania Top 100-Mid-sized Companies held in Dar es Salaam.

2019-05-14: Tanzania, Daily News, Scientific evidence, a necessary tool to inform policy


2018-11-29: Elizabeth Robinson, Reading university School of Agriculture, Policy, and Development and EfD Associate, appeared on BBC News commenting new Report release ahead of CoP 24 In Catowize, Poland

2018-01-02: Tanzania, Daily News, Solid cooperation key in forest reserve protection


2017-05-14: Haileselassie Medhin, ECRC on Research to Protect the Environment in Capital .

2017-05-06: Haileselassie Medhin, ECRC on the 1st Annual Conference on Ethiopia's Green Development Path The Implementation of a Mainstreamed CRGE April 25-26 2017, in The Ethiopian Herald

2017-04-25: EBC covered 1st Annual Conference on Ethiopia’s Green Development Path The Implementation of a Mainstreamed CRGE April 25-26 2017

2017-04-26:  Ethiopian News Agency covered 1st Annual Conference on Ethiopia’s Green Development Path The Implementation of a Mainstreamed CRGE April 25-26 2017

2016-06-08: Dale Whittington "Why technical discussions are needed for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam" Op. Ed in The conversation

2016-04-27: Thomas Sterner "Los economistas y el medio ambiente" in El Espectador

​2016-04-26: Thomas Sterner " A la economía petrolera le quedan pocos Anos de vida" in Portafolio 

2016-04-25: Thomas Sterner "We have the agreement — now we need a carbon tax" in Financial Times

2016-04-25: Thomas Sterner "'Por petróleo, Colombia no puede arriesgar sus parques'" in El Tiempo

2016-04-21: Daniel Slunge, Thomas Sterner, Thomas Backhaus  ”Farliga kemikalier måste fasas ut snabbare”, in Svenska Dagbladet

2016-03-22: Subhrendu K. pattanyak Interviewed in Omvärlden 

2016-03-21: Subhrendu K. Pattanyak, Eskil Mattsson, Erin Sills, Gunnar Köhlin, Madene ostwald " Vi bör veta innan vi gör när klimatbiståndet ökar", Biståndsdebatten

2016-02-29: Thomas Sterner, Olof Johansson-Stenman, Jessica Coria, "Att fimpa koldioxidskatten sänder ödesdiger signal", Göteborgs-Posten

2016-02-24: Haileselassie Medhin, ECRC, New Gov´t center to follow up GTP II, CRGE major implementations, in The Daily Monitor

2016-02-24: Haileselassie Medhin, ECRC, Center says committed to research on Ethiopia´s green growth implementation, in The Ethiopian Herald

2016-02-01: Jessica Coria, EEU, "Från Santiago till Göteborg" in GU Journalen 2016-1

2016-01-18: Thomas Sterner, EEU, Skatten har trots allt fungerat bra, in Svenska Dagbladet

2016-01-17:  Allen Blackman, RFF, License plate restrictions are not the answer for polluted New Delhi in Washington Post


2015-12-28: Jane Turpie, EPRU "Kogelberg’s beauty a tourist drawcard" in IOL

2015-11-25 Thomas Sterner, EEU, From Copenhagen to Paris in Foreign Affairs

2015-11-23 Thomas Sterner and Gunnar Köhlin, EEU, commented an opinion piece  on Sweden´s Climate Strategy  in Dagens Nyheter

2015-11-23 Thomas Sterner, EEU, about Climate negotiations beeing too slow, Göteborgs Posten

2015-11-19 Laura Villalobos' and Juan Robalino's, EfD Central America, work on impact evaluation of conservation policies were published in Costa Rican National newspaper La Nación 

2015-10-22 Professor Thomas Sterner’s  commenting article Economics: Higher costs of climate change, in Nature generated approx. 40 notices in news media worldwide

2015-10-10 Thomas Sterner, EEU news article in Le Mond

​2015-09-26 Thomas Sterner , EEU Sweden, on Swedish Radio, Ekot, about China´s decision to implement tradable permits for greenhouse gases

2015-09-03 Thomas Sterner, EEU, Sweden, interviewed in Svenska Dagbladet after releasing Nature commenting article Push renewables to spur carbon pricing, with collegues

2015-08-19 Professor Thomas Sterner participated in Stormvarning climate concert. Reviewed here by Sydsvenskan. (Swedish only)

2015-06-10 EfD-China's research report on China's energy regime reform is reported by Guangming Daily. The report was drafted by EfD- China senior fellow Min Wang and Zhuo huang and Director Jintao Xu along with some researchers at the National School of Development, Peking University. Read the report, here

2015-06-01 EfD Ethiopia Center director Haileselassie Medhin and EfD Director Gunnar Köhlin interviewed by EBC Ethiopian News (8.14- 10.20  in Amharic only) in relation to the Workshop: Sustainable energy transitions in low and middle-income countries: lessons for Ethiopia, held in Ethiopia June1-3, 2015. 

2015-05-22 EfD-China director Jintao Xu interviewed by South Reviews. EfD- China director Jintao Xu was interviewed by South Reviews, a leading political and economic news magazine in China and had a dialogue with them on how an environmental ecomist thinks about the energy reform in China and how the energy structure impacts the air quality. The full dialogue [in Chinese] can be found here

2015-03-25 EfD- CA Center Director Francisco Alpízar release an opinion article on the commercialization of shark fins from Costa Rica.  Center director Francisco Alpízar and Chairman of the Board of the association “Forever Costa Rica”  released an opinion article titled: “The sharks, the finning and the public interest”.

2015-03-16 CASCADE project will have great presence in the Climate Smart Agriculture conference in Montpellier (March 16th - 18th). EfD- Senior Researcher Milagro Saborío will be participating as key note speaker with the presentation:  “How do coffee farmers adapt to perceived changes in climate? Evidence from Central America. “

2015-03-15 EfD-China director Jintao Xu interviewed by Phoenix Finance. EfD- China director Jintao Xu was interviewed by Phoenix Finance and talked about how monopoly hinders effective policy, especially in the energy sector. He also appealed to further changes in shale gas development to deal with the resource bottleneck and environmental issues caused by burning coal. The full interview can be found here.  

2015-03-11 EfD-CA senior researcher Roger Madrigal participates in IWRA World Water Congress 2015 and the ICARUS IV Global Meeting.  EfD-CA researcher Roger Madrigal will participate as speaker in the XVth IWRA World Water Congress as well as in the ICARUS IV Global Meeting. Dr. Madrigal´s research work entitled “Adaptive capacity, drought and the performance of community-based drinking water organizations in Costa Rica and Nicaragua “ will be presented in both events.

2015-03-08 Business week Tanzania to open up $1billion forestry sector The reporters’ comments from the workshop recently organized by EfD Tanzania: DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania - Tanzania is on the verge of formalizing a fuel forestry business which is worth more than $1billion with aims of increasing government revenue obtained from forest resources.

2015-03-06 ippmedia Government to formalise charcoal sector in new bid to boost its revenue :The reporters’ comments from the workshop recently organized by EfD Tanzania: Tanzania is on the edge of formalising charcoal business estimated at more than $1billion profit margins annually in order to increase government revenues.

2015-01-21 EfD Central America Center Director Francisco Alpizar featured in national radio show. EfD Central America center director Francisco Alpizar participated as part of a panel for the national radio show “Nuestra Voz” on January 14th. The topic under discussion was: Practices to reduce ecological footprint in the country to be urgently included in the education system. The panel approached  critical issues on improving the practices to reduce the ecological footprint in the country.

2015-01-04 Sunday News - Sunday news Tobacco consumption affects food budget. This was reported quoting Prof. Kidane that the majority of smokers belong to low income group and that any expenditure on cigarette or tobacco is at expenses of basic necessities especially food.


2014-12-29 Daily News Smoking remain a critical health hazard. This was editorial comments of the edition of Sunday news 2014 -12 28 that cigarette tax remains amounting to approximately 54 million US dollars is by far less than what is actually spent on fighting smoking induced cardiovascular diseases every year as was presented by Prof. A Kidane EfD Tanzania research associate.

2014-12-28   Daily News - Sunday News Cost smoking dwarfs by half cigarette tax revenue. Costs of smocking related diseases is high also smoking wrecks the entire body hence reduce the ability to work and fight against poverty. It was reported from workshop held on 5th December 2014 at the University of Dar es Salaam. It brought together over thirty participants including activists, journalists, decision makers, researchers, government officers, faith based organizations and academicians. Professor Asmeron Kidane EfD Tanzania research Associate and Dr. Aloyce Heplwa were the key

2014-12-27 Business Times ‘IS THE TOBACCO INDUSTRY A 'CURSE OR A BLESSING?' Dar es Salaam, Tanzania “TOBACCO production and cigarette consumption in the world appear to be among major health issues, and Tanzania is not an exception,” says the executive director of the Tanzania Tobacco Control Forum (TTCF),  Ms. Lutgard Kokulinda Kagaruki. Working in collaboration with the Economics Department of the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM), the Forum organized a one-day 'Dissemination Workshop' in Dar es Salaam recently with theme 'Economic effects of cigarette and tobacco production.' The professed objective of the Workshop was to brainstorm the way forward in reducing the consumption of tobacco products in Tanzania. EfD Research associate and Dr. Aloyce Hepelwa research fellow held the dissemination workshop to present the research findings.

2014-12-17 EfD Central America study implemented in Chirripó National Park Back in 2009, EfD Central America researchers Francisco Alpizar, Maria Angelica Naranjo and Alberto Vargas worked with The Nature Conservancy in Costa Rica estimating a cost base structure for the allocation of service concessions and non-essential activities within the protected wilderness areas. The findings are now implemented in Chirripó National Park in Costa Rica. 

2014-11-07 GU Journal: Transparency is key for sustainable growth
The GU Journal, a magazine for employees of the University of Gothenburg, interviewed Professor Ola Olsson, University of Gothenburg, key note speaker at EfD Policy Day 2014.

2014-11-04 Sweden Abroad News: Tanzania in search for better way of natural gas use

The Embassy of Sweden in Tanzania publishes a website news, which is retweeted by, among others, the Director-General for Sida, Charlotte Petri Gornitzka: On October 22, the Environment for Development (EfD) Initiative, hosted by the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM), brought together researchers in environmental economics, policy makers and private sector representatives to discuss opportunities, challenges and risks in view of the current and future exploration and expropriation of natural gas in Tanzania.  Speaking at the event, the Head of Development Cooperation, Maria van Berlekom, from the Embassy of  Sweden welcomed the EfD initiative whose effort to build research capacity in environmental economics and influence policy makers in various countries is supported by Sweden. 

2014-11-02 East African Business Week “Economist warns Tanzania over gas revenue” Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - Tanzania has been warned to utilize wisely its revenue expected to obtain from natural gas resource for the national sustainable human development. Speaking on the political economy of natural resource exploration, Professor Ola Olsson, Senior Lecturer from School of Business, Economics and Laws, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, said the natural resource will automatically increase cash inflow in term of revenue and economic growth.

2014-10-29 Raia Mwema: “Tanzania na laana ya Rasilimali” literally meaning Tanzania and the blight of Natural resources. This is a weekly paper of 29th October to 4th November 2014. The reporter has quoted  Ola Olsson, Professor of Development Economics at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, addressing the issue of political economy of Natural resources exploitations. Also Eng. Dr. Binillith Satano Mahenge, Minister of State in the Vice President's Office for Environment, and Prof. Gunnar Köhlin, EfD Director who said that no need to rush the issue of exploring natural resources. He was quoted saying that “It is wise to do slowly, no heed of rush” Link to pdf

2014-10-23  Raia Tanzania : “Gesi kutumika kuokoa misitu nchini"  meaning Uses of Gas to rescue forest in the country. The reporter quoted Eng. Dr. Binillith Satano Mahenge, Minister of State in the Vice President's Office for Environment during opening of the Policy day meeting held on 22 October, 2014 at Golden Tulip, Dar es Salaam. The uses of natural gas in the country especially in towns will help to reduce charcoal burning to a larger extent. The search for better ways of using natural Gas for sustainable human Development, the focus will be on the country expected benefits from this resource. That one of the areas to benefit from this regime includes our productive sectors that have been using most of the country’s scarce foreign resources. The Regime will also consider the alleviation of the household burden on consumption of energy from fuel wood and charcoal to be replaced by Liquid Natural Gas (LNG).
The article also quoted Director EfD, Prof. Gunnar Kohlin saying that there is a gap between researchers and policy markers.  Also quoted Maria van Berlekom Head of Development Cooperation Division, Swedish Embassy, Tanzania, as she reviled that newly discovered natural resources should have clear monitoring and must benefit all Tanzanians. Link to pdf

2014-10-21  Farmer’s weekly “Mixed strategy farming helps beat climate change”
This farmer’s weekly newspaper of the 21st October 2014 reported on a study by Dr Byela Tibesigwa, Prof Martine and Dr Jane Turpie. The study identified mixed farming as a potential strategy to combat climate change. See the link for more details.

2014-09-30, 2014, the Huffington Post, one of the most popular political sites, published an article titled "Why Taking Immediate Action on Climate Change Is in China's Self-Interest" coauthored by EfD China Director Jintao Xu and Prof. Justin Yifu Lin of National School of Development at Peking University. Link to the post, click here.

2014-08-18 All Africa, Tanzania Daily News: Tanzania: Why Gas Outshines Other Sources of Energy. FIREWOOD is a common source of energy in rural areas. Charcoal is abundantly used in urban area but have both a negative environmental repercussion University of Dar es Salaam experts, Dr Aloyce Hepelwa, Dr Masoud Dauda and Mr Stephen Kirama who were commissioned by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Tanzania) to conduct an "Evidenced-Based Research and Policy Review on Oil and Natural Gas Sector in Tanzania",

2014-08-13 Daily News:  Rural electrification boosts farmer’s earnings.  Rural electrification has provided to be efficient driver in promoting value addition particularly of agricultural products that helped farmers to fetch premium market price. This was reported during the dissemination workshop conducted on 12th August 2014 by Dr. Stephen Kirama. The Management of small hydro-power plants in the Southern Highlands areas in Tanzania as an outcome of the study carried out to identify the strengths, weaknesses, good practices and needs of SHP. Link to pdf

2014-07-21 The Citizen, Daily paper “How myopic oil and gas policies will doom Tanzania” University dons have warned over the risk of the current oil and gas industry development focusing on short term gains alone, saying such a trend might cause long term damage in terms of revenues, contracts and licenses given to companies as well as exports promotion. The report was prepared by University Dons, Dr Aloyce Hepelwa, and Mr. Stephen Kirama. (EfD research Fellows) in cooperation with Dr Masoud Dauda

Jun 2014, Beijing.

EfD China fellow Jianhua Xu's work "Reducing Nitrous Oxide Emissions to Mitigate Climate Change and Protect the Ozone Layer" (co-authored with Li Li, Jianxin Hu and Jiarui Han has raised attention among academia and  the public.

The American Chemical Society highlighted her findings and their meaning for the planet in their news titled "Flowers & Power: Rise of nitrous oxide emissions endangers climate and ozone efforts". The Royal Society of Chemistry reported their projections of nitrous oxide emissions in their research news (“China’s nitrous oxide emissions to triple by 2020”). The Environmental Health News also showed their concerns on the issue with a research brief titled "Chemical industry’s nitrous oxides rising in China"

Click here to access the full text of the paper.

Li L, J Xu, J Hu, J Han. 2014. Reducing nitrous oxide emissions to mitigate climate change and protect the ozone layer. Environmental Science and Technology.


2014-05-28 EfD researchers interviewed in the GU Journal The most recent issue of the GU Journal, a magazine for employees of the University of Gothenburg, includes interviews with EfD fellows Elizabeth Robinson, Thomas Sterner, and Olof Johansson Stenman. They all give their views on the ongoing specialization courses in Environmental Economics. PhD candidate Justice Tei Mensah from Ghana, one of the 33 students from 15 countries attending the courses, is also interviewed. Link to GU Journal see page 10-12.

2014-04-29 Extensive media coverage of IPCC author: EfD fellow Thomas Sterner is one of the coordinating lead authors of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report entitled ‘Climate Change 2014: Mitigation of Climate Change’ which was accepted by member governments on April 13, 2014. Sterner’s comments on the report received wide-spread media coverage in several countries.

2014-05-02 Göteborgs-Posten: Klimatfrågan i fokus – Handelshögskolan: Doktorander från hela världen utbildas i Göteborg/De ska lösa klimatfrågan
Professor Thomas Sterner and PhD students participating in specialization courses in environmental and climate economics, held by the EEU at University of Gothenburg, were interviewed in one of Swedens’ biggest daily newspapers, Göteborgs-Posten. Link to pdf, first page:  goteborgsposten_140502_p41.pdf Link to pdf, second-third page:goteborgsposten_140502_p42_43.pdf

2014-01-25 Health 24: National parks feeling the pinch written by Olivia Rose-Innes. EfD South Africa senior research fellow and associate professor in the School of Economics at University of Cape Town, Edwin Muchapondwa, comments.



2013-10-15 SciDev.Net : Claudine Uwera about: La crise de l'eau, facteur de pauvreté au Rwanda (in French only)

2013-09-09 Sveriges Radio news  in the section “science and environment” : Dricksvatten bristvara i Rwanda (in Swedish only)

2013-10-03 Aftenposten: Norge bør vedta en klimalov (in Norwegian only) written by Kristian Ove Myrseth and Conny Wollbrant.

2013-05-10 Sveriges Radio P1-morgon. Håkan Eggert om hotad fiskeidyll och bästa sättet att förvalta naturresursen torsk (In Swedish only)

2013-04-03 Ethiopian TV (ETV) The Emerging Power Hub interview with Dr. Zenebe Gebreegziabher, EEPFE Senior Research Fellow, Special TV program on 'Power export and economic integration in the Easter and Southern Africa Region' in relation to the 2nd year aniversary of Ethiopia's Great renaissance

2013-01-11 Sveriges Radio Vetenskapsradion Klotet: Ekonomer oense om klimatkostnad

Igår rapporterade Vetenskapsradion att en internationell forskargrupp kommit fram till att de ekonomiska kostnaderna av klimatförändringarna inte blir så dramatiska och att det därför är viktigare att satsa på fattigdomsbekämpning istället. Men professor Thomas Sterner som deltar i FNs klimatpanel IPCCs kommande rapport, håller inte med.



2012-12-05 Tanzania seeks to reform national development plan
DAR ES SALAAM -Tanzania has finalized a process to gather views on how to shape the next five years’ national development plan.
A statement from the Environment for Development (EfD) of the University of Dar es Salaam availed to East African Business Week said as you might be aware, there is an ongoing global discussion on what agenda should be after the Millennium Development Goals (MGDs) 2015.

2012-11-16 Svenska Dagbladet: Höga biltullar på våren - för hälsan

2012-11-16 Dagens Industri: Forskare vill ha högre biltullar på våren

2012-11-16 Göteborgs-Posten: Höga biltullar på våren - för hälsan

2012-11-16 Sveriges Radio Göteborg: Mer trängselskatt på våren kan ge bättre hälsa

2012-07-09 Walta Info: Workshop Discusses Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture Income,Addis Ababa, July 9 (WIC) – A workshop on climate change and agriculture in Ethiopia organized by the Environmental Economics Policy Forum for Ethiopia (EEPFE) based at the Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI) was held on July 9, 2012.

2012-06-03 Environmental Valuation & Cost-Benefit News, Ethiopia, “Households’ Willingness to Pay for Improved Urban Waste Management in Mekelle City, Ethiopia” This paper by Dagnew Hagos,Alemu Mekonnen and Zenebe Gebreegziabher was reported as a news on the Environmental Valuation and Cost-Benefit News website.

2012-05-19 All Africa; Tanzania: 'Tax Cuts Could Save Fish Industry
Dr Elizabeth Robinson (University of Reading, UK) and Mr Stephen Kirama (University of Dar es Salaam and EfD-T) gave presentations on forest management, fisheries policy, and common lessons from the two, based on EfD-T’s recent research findings. Bureau Chief Mr. Leonard Magonba from East African Business Week a weekly paper has this to report.

2012-02-20 All Africa; Tanzania: Moves to Curb illegal Fishing Succeeds. This news reported by the Daily News, Tanzania daily paper of 13th February 2012 and latter appears on the Tanzania Natural Resources forum Wildlife weekly E-Newsletter linked in all Africa stories

2012-02-03 Pikiran Rayat Online: Pembatasan BBM Bersubsidi tidak Efektif
(In Bahasa only, the official language of Indonesia. Rough translation: Subsidized fuel restriction is not effective)

2012-02-03 Antara News: Emil Salim: jangan perkeruh isu BBM
(In Bahasa only, the official language of Indonesia. Rough translation: Emil Salim: Give people correct information about oil subsidy)

2012-02-03 Bisnis jabara: PAKAR INTERNASIONAL: Dana pengurangan subsidi BBM untuk program kesra
(In Bahasa only, the official language of Indonesia. Rough translation: International Expert: Fuel subsidies better switched for Welfare program)

2012-01-12 CNBC Africa/ABN, South Africa: "Fuel Taxes on the Poor with Author Thomas Sterner" 
In light of the Fuel Subsidy Strike action happening in Nigeria which is a potentially crippling factor to the country, considering that all gas and oil production has been ordered to shut down by Sunday. ABN takes a more comprehensive look at the effect of Fuel taxes on the poor and to take up this discussion we are joined in our Cape Town studios by Thomas Sterner, Professor of Environmental Economics in Gothenburg & Washington. 
The tv-show (7.10 minutes) was broadcasted via cable throughout Africa and in England. 
About the show, called Beyond Market: "As the markets in Africa close we look at the issues behind the news that drives the markets, speaking to leaders, experts and newsmakers around the continent."

2012-01-12 Sveriges Radio Vetenskapsradion Klotet: "Vansinne subventionera bensin i ett land där folk dör av brist på rent vatten"/ Världen gav sex gånger mer subventioner till olja, kol och gas 2010 än till förnyelsebar energi

2012-01-11 Sveriges Radio P1 Vetenskapsradion, Nyheter, Vetenskap & Miljö: Statlig rea på bensin ger ökade klimatutsläpp  
Thomas Sterner intervjuas om det fördubblade bensinpriset i Nigeria, och om slutsatserna i sin nya bok Fuel Taxes and the Poor, The Distributional Effects of Gasoline Taxation and Their Implications for Climate Policy.



2011-11-29 Svenska Dagbladet: Bensinskatten slår inte mot fattiga (in Swedish only) Bensinskatt är den enda metod som hittills lett till att halten koldioxid i atmosfären minskar. Enligt ny forskning stämmer inte påståendet att människor med minst pengar drabbas hårdast. En rapport visar att bensinskatten slår hårdast mot dem som tjänar mest i Kina, Indien, USA och 22 länder till. I Sverige är bensinskatten neutral.

2011-11-29 Sveriges Radio P1 Morgon: Höjd bensinskatt drabbar inte fattiga hårdare än de rika (in Swedish only)
Ny forskning visar nu att påståendet om att höjd bensinskatt i första hand drabbar de människor med minst pengar hårdast, inte stämmer. Bland andra Thomas Sterner, professor i miljöekonomi vid Handelshögskolan i Göteborg har kommit fram till att en höjning av bensinskatten är neutral i relation till människors inkomster. Diskussion mellan Thomas Sterner och Maria Spetz, VD Motormännens riksförbund.

2011-11-29. Daily News: The national news paper that covers the International features, Local news and sports came up with the heading on the local features page “Measures needed to address climate change” as to report the 5 EfD annual meeting held in Arusha.

2011-10-27 -31The Guardian: Government mulls national climate change and Researchers challenged to reach out to ordinary people
The two headings shone on the Guardian daily paper of 28th and 29 respectively in reporting the policy day sessions during the 5 EfD annual meeting in Arusha Arusha Tanzania.

2011-10-27-31 The Fifth EfD Annual Meeting in Arusha Tanzania reported in Raia Mwema Kiswahil Weekly:
This meeting was attended by the EfD researchers, representative from RFF, Swedish Embassy in Tanzania and invited Tanzania Policy makers from Ministries, Vice President Office Environmental Division, Departments and Agencies such as NEMC, COSTECH, Marine Zanzibar and from the Non Government Organizations (NGOs).

2011-07-21 The Ethiopian Herald: Workshop discusses on impact of climate change in Africa/Ethiopia 
This half day workshop incorporated five papers by Dr. Alemu Mekonnen, Dr. Zenebe Gebreegziabher, Dr. Adane Tuffa, Dr. Assefa Seyoum and Prof. Jesper Stage to discuss the impact of climate change in Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular. With every year the world fails to curb carbon emissions, adaptation will become even more vital thus increasing the need for more financial assistance.

2011-06-01 France 24
Thomas Sterner was interviewed by French Television concerning the recent economic growth and the consequent increases at the global scale of carbon emissions. The interview was broadcasted by France 24 – International news, June 1, 2011, on the program “Focus”.

2011-04-08 The Financial Gazette: Diamond revenues must improve infrastructure. After years of neglect Zimbabwe’s infrastructure needs work. The revenues from diamond sales should be earmarked for this purpose, especially since this will speed up the country’s economic recovery. It is that recovery which will enable us to increase pay levels in the civil service. Edwin Muchapondwa

2011-01-05 GP Debatt: Viktig miljöforskning motverkas  (In Swedish only)
Samhällsvetenskaplig miljöforskning är central för att framtida lösningar för nödvändiga klimatomställningar ska kunna förverkligas. Därför är det anmärkningsvärt att det statliga forskningsrådet Formas genom sina granskningsprocesser missgynnar den samhällsvetenskapliga miljöforskningen och därmed går på tvärs mot sina egna riktlinjer, skriver en lång rad forskare och professorer, däriblandFredrik Carlsson, professor i nationalekonomi, Olof Johansson-Stenman, professor i nationalekonomi, och Åsa Löfgren, forskare i nationalekonomi, Göteborgs universitet.

2011-01-02 GP Debatt: "Så kan vi sluta såga av grenen vi sitter på"  (In Swedish only)Glädjande nog finns forskningsresultat som visar att människor kan samarbeta för att rädda en gemensam resurs om bara de rätta reglerna och möjligheter att straffa dem som bryter mot reglerna finns på plats, skriver miljöekonom Thomas Sterner.



2010-10-05 Prof Jintao Xu: In his warm regards and congratulations on the establishment of the Global Adaptation Institute, he also pointed out that while the government and international focus having been on climate change mitigation, adaptation measures and studies will benefit private sector and poor people the most. (The speech version in mandarin also available,

2010-03-05 Prof Shiqiu Zhang: By Prof Shiqiu Zhang: Policy should take the role of facilitating low carbon while benefiting people in lowering the cost. She also pointed out that the Chinese government’s future policy on environmental protection measures should be directed to be region specific and more integrated of both administrative and economic mechanisms, in terms of more in-depth adjustments in industrial structure and growth patterns. ( (only in Chinese).

Prof Shiqiu Zhang on the competing list of Leading Sustainability Awards.

Prof Jintao Xu on China Environmental News: (only in Chinese)

2010-01-19 Prof Jintao Xu: By Prof Jintao Xu, Not proactive climate policies in China and lack of relevant scientific and economic researches: in Chinese)

2010-12-01 Sida Omvärlden: Pris på plastpåsen räddar miljön (pdf - In Swedish only)
Dr Haoran He Haoran He, has studied the effect of the Chinese ordinance against free plastic bags as part of his doctoral thesis in environmental and behavioural economics, please see the press release in English.

2010-09-02 GP Debatt: "En myt att tillväxten löser miljöproblem" (In Swedish only)
Artikelförfattarna till denna debattartikel refererar till professor Thomas Sterners forskning: "Sterner visar exempelvis att skatter på fossila bränslen är den viktigaste faktorn när det gäller att förklara skillnaden mellan olika rika länders utsläpp av växthusgaser."

2010-08-12 Business Daily, Kenya, Boosting small-scale agriculture without emphasis on owning title deeds
Maurice Ogada and Dr. John Omiti explore how to boost small-scale agriculture without emphasis on owning title deeds.

2010-08-07 Business Daily, Kenya, New Nile water-sharing agreement promises major shifts in economies of riparian states
Maurice Ogada and Dr. John Omiti highlight the benefits of hte New Nile water-sharing promises to the countries that depend on the Nile.

2010 June-July EMEA Finance, Vol 3/Issue 2 " Green Private Equity to the rescue"
Dr Stephanie Giamporcaro of the University of Cape Town's Environmental Policy Research Unit welcomes theses trends, saying that private equity provide cheaper and more flexible funding for green technology and renewable energy projects".

2010-06-24 Göteborgs-Posten: Göteborgare i klimatpanel 
FN:s klimatpanel har dragit igång arbetet med en ny klimatrapport. Bland forskarna som ska utvärdera klimatet finns tre göteborgare. Det är geovetaren Deliang Chen, växt- och miljövetaren Ulf Molau och miljöekonomen Thomas Sterner som valts ut att delta i panelens utvärdering av klimatet.

2010-06-14 AlphaGalileo: Do contributions to public goods increase if publicly disclosed?
Dr Clara Villegas Palacio, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, has studied the effects of different extents of public disclosure.

2010-06-01 The Harvard Political Review: How to Pass a Gas Tax – The politics of an unpopular policy.
Professor Thomas Sterner interviewed by Will Rafey, Harvard Political Review.

2010-04-14 The East African Standard, Kenya, "Child Labour Weighs down pupils' dreams"
By Dr. Wilfred Nyangena and Simon Wagura, from research findings based on rural households survey in Central Kenya. According to the two EfD-K researchers, environmental degradation leads to scarcity of environmental goods, compelling households to spend more time in search for such goods. For poor households which rely on household labour, this leads to pupils dropping out of school as their energy and time are diverted to collection of environmental goods, especially firewood and water.

2010-05-05 Fa News South Africa on line: SA investor lag in environnmentally responsibility practices
The lack of interest and scepticism of institutional clients and of the local investment consulting industry around responsible investment is revealed as a major market impediment,” said Giamporcaro.

2010-04-01 Business Day South Africa on line: Investors not geared to environmental responsibility — study 
The post-doctoral research was conducted by Stephanie Giamporcaro of the university’s Environmental Policy Research Unit. She wanted to find out if the South African investment industry was an agent for environmentally responsible economic growth in the country. Most respondents said their clients were only interested in the trade-off between financial return and socially responsible investments, but Giamporcaro stressed that academic studies had shown there was no trade-off required as these investments generated similar returns to others.            

2010-01-12 GP Debatt: "Inget enkelt samband mellan BNP och oljekonsumtion"  (In Swedish only)
Oljan är en ändlig resurs och de höga koldioxidutsläppen från kol är ett mycket stort problem. Så långt är jag ense med Gunnar Lindstedt, skriver professsor Olof Johansson-Stenman i ett tillrättaläggande i debatten om oljeberoendet.

2010-01-12 Sweden gives 2.3 million euro to environmental economics programme
Kooperation International 
The Environmental Economics Unit at the School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg, has been granted 2.3 million Euro from the Swedish government (Sida) and 0,35 million Euro from the University

2010-01-11 Sweden gives 2.3 million euro to environmental economics programme

2010-01-11Sweden gives 2.3 million euro to environmental economics programme
idw - Informationsdienst Wissenschaft

Sweden gives 2.3 million euro to environmental economics programme
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2010-01-11 Sweden gives 2.3 million euro to environmental economics programme
Alpha Galileo

2010-01-11 Article: Climate change financing -- the role of development cooperation.
HighBeam Research 
"Development cooperation can play an important role in ensuring that the poorest countries will benefit from climate change funding," says Olof Drakenberg, policy analyst at the Environmental Economics Unit at the School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.