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Workshop on Sustainable Land Management II

EEPFE and the World Bank organized the second workshop on Sustainable Land Management in Ethiopia. The two-day workshop was held at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) during May 02 -03

The core objective of the workshop sought to address land degradation as a major barrier to increase agricultural productivity and reduce poverty and assist up-scaling of SLM technologies. The workshop discussed the issues of land degradation, the cost benefit framework for sustainable land management and the way forward with the concerned stakeholders.

The whole workshop was divided in to five major sessions, which included: Overview of selected SLM projects, critical gaps in efforts to address Land Degradation in Ethiopia, the proposed World Bank support operation on sustainable land management, financial resource mobilization, harmonization and alignment for sustainable land management and a panel discussion on agreed actions and next steps.

 The operational workshop was followed by a technical planning workshop on May 4, 2006. The main objectives of the technical planning workshop were: 

- Presentation and discussion of SLM work including overview discussion of selected projects and emerging lessons

- Discussion of critical gaps in efforts to address land degradation in Ethiopia in a comprehensive way

- Presentation and discussion of the World Bank/MoARD concept note of the SLM project/program, including approach to program design and site selection

- Discussion of the proposed MoARD/World Bank/GEF initiated program as a platform for other donors and international research institutions to provide financial and technical assistance for its design and implementation

- Discussion of potential mechanisms for more coordinated and harmonized support for sustainable land management