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USAID Community-Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) Workshop

In addition to NRM professionals, this workshop targets international development professionals with expertise in global climate change, food security, economic development, democracy, conflict, and humanitarian assistance to enhance learning on how CBNRM can contribute to achieving their goals.

During this two day workshop, participants will: Learn what CBNRM is, the types of activities included in CBNRM, and the landscapes and regions where CBNRM is found, conditions for success, how to achieve scale, etc.; Explore how CBNRM contributes to and achieves multiple development objectives and impacts, including climate change adaptation and mitigation; food security; economic development; and democracy, conflict, and humanitarian assistance; Share CBNRM approaches, resources, information and tools; and Identify how participants can link their office/organization and their own work with CBNRM programs and activities.

 The workshop will include an exhibition of tools, approaches and experience in CBNRM.

 Interested parties should submit exhibit ideas to with the subject "CBNRM exhibit."