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Thematic session: Air Pollution in Beijing: Empirical Analyses of Causes and Social Cost

Curbing aggravating air pollution is a battle at the peak for many large cities in China. In Beijing's case, driving factors of air pollution and its social cost attract many researches but remain unanswered and hotly debated. This thematic session aims at introducing a set of new studies which, utilizing some unique datasets and analytical methods, provide new estimates of sources of air pollution, at both local and regional scale, and evaluation of various social costs of air pollution.

Organizer(s): Jintao Xu, Peking University

  1. Pollution Haven Attacks Back? -- Evidence from Air Quality Daily Variation in the Jing-Jin-Ji Region
    Lunyu Xie, Jintao Xu, Shuai Chen, Yingwei Dong
  2. Traffic congestion and air pollution in Beijing: Utilizing taxis trajectory data
    Fan Xia, Ximeng Cheng, Yu Liu, Zhen Lei
  3. Recency and projection biases in air quality valuation by Chinese residents
    Shuai Chen, Ping Qin, Jie-sheng Tan-Soo, Chu Wei
  4. Air Pollution and Consumption: Evidence from a Comprehensive Tracking Record of Prisoners 
    Shuai Chen, Min Wang, Dandan Zhang