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Seminar on teaching and research opportunities in Ethiopia

Participants in the teaching and research opportinites workshop on February 8th 2016

A seminar on teaching and research opportunities in Ethiopia will be held on Monday February 8, at 3 pm, Malmstensvåningen, Matsalen, School of Business, Economics and Law

The short presentations will be on:

  1. EfD and its expansion in the coming five years 
  2. The EfD Research Fund and how you can benefit (in terms of research collaborations, data collection etc)
  3. The research at the new Environment and Climate Research Center at EDRI (Addis Ababa) where research will be carried out on energy, agriculture, forestry, water, industrialization and urbanization as part of a program to support the implementation of the Climate Resilient Green Economy Strategy of Ethiopia.
  4. Our new collaboration with Department of Economics, Addis Ababa University, that will involve teaching and supervision of 20 new PhD students the coming five years (Tadele Ferede, HoD DoE AAU, will present). Note that the collaboration is economics in general, not specifically environmental economics.
  5. A pilot project to curate your data sets in collaboration with SND (Swedish National Data Service) and the Economics library. This is particularly relevant for PhD students, post docs and researchers aiming for VR money etc.

The seminar will be streamed through the link below: