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Policy Session: Policies for sustainable development at the local level

This session is named in gratitude to our sponsor Adlerbertska forskningsstiftelsen that has supported the researchers presenting and projects presented as well as the conference in general. The foundation fund research on sustainable development in an overall perspective and wish to support research that can lead to societal change and improve living conditions for all life on earth. In accordance with this overall objective, the research projects presented study policies that can potentially make societies develop in a more sustainable way.  The first presentation is about reducing urban congestion and pollution, the second and third about improved management of natural and common pool resources, and the fourth about fighting the HIV epidemic.

Chair: Anna Nordén: “Sustainable Forest Management and Forest Certification in Sweden”

Zhang Xiao-Bing: “Optimal environmental road pricing and policies to reduce congestion in Beijing”

Haileselassie Mehdin: “Cooperation in the management o common pool resources: Building institutions for sustainable development”

Annika Lindskog: “Structural intervention to eradicate the HIV epidemic: the role of education”

Organizer(s): Annika Lindskog,

Chair: Anna Norden, Chalmers

Panelists: Haileselassie Medhin, Environment and Climate Research Center/ECRC;
Xiao-Bing Zhang, Renmin University of China;
Anna Norden, Chalmers;
Annika Lindskog,