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2012-04-19 | News

Sterner speaks at European Parliament about managing fishing overcapacity

Thomas Sterner, Professor of Environmental Economics, University of Gothenburg, speaks at a public hearing on the subject “The feasibility of Transferable Fishing Concessions in the context of Common Fisheries Policy Reform” organized by The Committee on Fisheries of the European Parliament on 24 April, at 15.30-18.30.

24 April 2012 - 15.30 to 18.30 Room ASP 1G3, Brussels
The feasibility of Transferable Fishing Concessions (TFC) in the context of the Common Fisheries Policy Reform (CFP reform).
Opening by Mr. Gabriel Mato Adrover, Chair of the Committee on Fisheries
Introduction by Mrs. Ulrike Rodust, rapporteur for the "Basic Regulation" on the reform of the CFP.

Panel I. Are TFC appropriate tools for addressing overcapacity and fleet management?
1. Presentation by Mr. Thomas STERNER, Professor of Environmental Economics at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden
2. Presentation by Mr. Sean O'DONOGHUE, Federation of Irish Fishermen
3. Presentation by Mr. Frederico PEREIRA, President of the Federation of Trade
Unions of the Fisheries sector
First Q & A session (45')

Panel II. What suitable alternatives to TFC systems?
1. Presentation by Mr. Seth MACINKO, Associate Professor in the Department of Marine Affairs at the University of Rhode Island/USA and Member of the Scientific and Statistical Committee of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council in Alaska
2. Presentation by Mr. Paul ASH, Deputy Head of Mission, New Zealand Mission to the EU
3 Presentation by Mr. Fernando GONZALEZ LAXE, professor of Applied Economics, University of Coruña, Spain
Second Q & A session (45')
Conclusions and cloture by the Chair