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2013-06-13 | News

Re-launch of the EfD website

Welcome to the new EfD website! After a few intensive months’ work, the new EfD website is up and running. The new site is structured in a less hierarchical way than the  previous site. Examples of new features are that publications are searchable through drop-down-menus and EfD authors receive greater visibility.

Particularly, the publication section has been noticeable re-organized and all articles are now searchable through a drop down menu which enables you to filter and categorize publications by type, authors, center, topic and much more. In the page of each publication a tag cloud is created which illustrates what is of most importance in each specific article.  Another new function is that a request field enables interested website visitors to turn direct to authors to request peer reviewed articles.

Also, the new site provides authors with greater visibility. Publications are automatically cross-posted to the author’s page so with little effort this page can complement/substitute a private webpage.

The EfD collaborative research programs are given greater exposure in the new website. Although still at an early stage they receive a platform to expose researchers involved, project activates and outputs.

All projects and publications can now be pinned on a map, (integrated with Google maps), which shows where the project take place.  Each EfD center’s academic programs are emphasized more thoroughly and so are featured contents.

A small launch-party took place at EEU in Gothenburg to mark this special day on May 14th. We invite you all to start explore the new website and hope that you will like it. In order for authors to upload publications and new information please contact the following persons, responsible for dissemination in respective  EfD center:


EfD Central America, Carlos L. Muñoz Brenes,

EfD China, Xiaoyu Zhang,

EfD Ethiopia, Tsehay Ataklt,

EfD Kenya, Maimuna Kabatesi,

EfD South Africa, Byela Tibesigwa,

EfD Tanzania, Salvatory Macha,

EfD Sweden, Karl Sterner,

For other questions or general comments about the website, please contact