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2010-10-22 | News

Policy Day to Precede 4th EfD Annual Meeting

A day-long ‘Policy Day’ will precede the Fourth Environment for Development (EfD) Annual Meeting. The event, which will be hosted by Environmental Economics Policy Forum in Ethiopia (EEPFE) at Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI), and UN Economic Commission for Africa (UN ECA), will take place at UNECA Africa Hall in Addis Ababa on 28 October 2010.

The Policy Day will deal with research-policy interactions on environment and natural resource use, and how to make the most use of environmental economics research for development.

The objectives of the Policy Day are:

  To disseminate selected work of EfD’s research and its potential contributions to a key policy institution (UN ECA) and other key stakeholders present at the meeting (Ethiopia government/ministries/agencies; donors etc.);

 To share information across EfD centers on successful research-policy interactions;

 To increase EfD’s learning on how to translate research to policy, and enhance its policy work.

More generally, the Policy Day aims at taking EfD a step further in its ambitions and practical work to become a more policy relevant research network, which is professional and useful from an academic, as well as from a development policy point of view.

The Policy Day will be followed by the EfD Annual Meeting from 29-31 October, 2010 at Kuriftu Resort, Debrezeit, Ethiopia. The program includes presentations and discussions of EfD work in progress as well as interactions to develop next year’s research program. Research fellows from the EfD centers as well as a number of collaborators will participate.