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2012-12-06 | News

EfD Workshop on Water Research in Kenya

On December 12 and 13 the EfD holds a workshop on collaborative water sector research in Kenya. EfD researchers from Kenya, USA, and Sweden will meet in Gothenburg, Sweden to discuss recent reforms in the Kenyan water sector and take stock of the research needs in order to plan for future EfD research in the Kenyan water sector - and beyond.

The research discussions will be facilitated by EfD associate Dale Whittington, Professor of Environmental Sciences & Engineering, and City & Regional Planning, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Among the EfD researchers participating are also  Simon Wagura, who will present the state of research on Kenya’s urban water sector, and Peter Kimuyu who will present the state of research on Kenya’s rural water sector. Wilfred Nyangena will  highlight parts of a research project proposal on Lake Naivasha, while Moses Ikiara will focus on a proposal on water sector reforms & performance. EfD Director Gunnar Köhlin is the host of the meeting.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012
9.00: Welcome and Opening Remarks: Gunnar Köhlin
9.30: Overview of water sector in Kenya: Moses Ikiara
10.00: State of research on Kenya’s urban water sector: Simon Wagura
10.30: Coffee/tea break
11.00: State of research on Kenya’s rural water sector: Peter Kimuyu
11.30: Discussions: Research gaps arising from the above reviews, Facilitator: Dale Whittington
13.00: Lunch Break
14.30: Overview of Research by Kremer et al: Annalise / Kristen (Via Video)   
15.00: Discussion of Kremer et al. Research Program, Facilitator: Peter Kimuyu
15.30: (Coffee/tea will be available)
16.30: End of Day 1 – assignments for Day 2.

Thursday, December 13, 2012
9.00: Recap of Day 1: Wilfred Nyangena
9.15: Discussions: Towards a collaborative & comprehensive water research project in Kenya:
1. Priority research issues: rural vs urban setting; water vs sanitation; whether or not to build on Kremer et al. research; water resources management vs municipal water & sanitation; whether or not to research on water – climate change relationships. 
2. Preliminary methodology discussions
3. Data requirements/sources/campaign
4. Potential collaborators among EfD centers
5. Potential international collaborators
6. Sources of funding
7. Water cooperation proposal for World Water Week in Stockholm (Sept 2013), Facilitator: Dale Whittington
10.30: Coffee/tea will be available
11.45: Next Steps & Closing: Moses Ikiara/Gunnar Köhlin
12.00: Lunch Break
14.00: Meeting with Daniel Slunge. Gunnar Köhlin
15.00: EfD-Kenya Executive Committee meeting: Chairman Peter Kimuyu