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2011-07-29 | News

EfD workshop on impact of climate change in Africa

Over 60 representatives from various governmental and non-governmental organizations participated in this informative Climate Change Workshop organized together by EEPFE and EDRI on July 20. Ethiopian news media like the daily-published English newspaper the Ethiopian Herald reported on the workshop.

Dr Alemu Mekonnen, Coordinator of EfD Ethiopia, and other researchers are quoted in the Ethiopian Herald article  as well as in the >> online article of the Walta Information Center, published July 21

The Environmental Economics Policy Forum for Ethiopia (EEPFE) is the Ethiopian node of the EfD initiative, based at the Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI).

Five papers were presented to invited stakeholders during the workshop. For detailed information about the content of each paper presented, please check out the press releases on EfD website with presentations attached:

1. How should Africa use the carbon market? - Dr. Alemu Mekonnen and Dr. Zenebe Gebreegziabher 

2. Climate conventions should consider early onset of climate change in Africa - Dr. Adane Tuffa 

3. Harnessing climate finances for sustainable development in Africa- Dr. Assefa Seyoum 

4. Crop-livestock inter-linkages and climate change implications on Ethiopia’s agriculture - Ato Meseret Molla 

5. Climate change to reduce average income of Ethiopia by about 30% within the next 50 years - Prof. Jesper StageThis workshop also served as a good opportunity to introduce the forum and distribute resources.