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2013-01-24 | News

EfD researcher interviewed by EurActiv

“Gender plays a key role for sustainable farming in Africa,” says EfD Ethiopia researcher Hailemariam Teklewold in an interview with EurActiv, a news service for news on EU policies. EurActiv receives funding from the European Commission and sponsoring from large corporate sponsors.

The EU should support rural public education programmes in Africa, with a special focus on women, to facilitate adoption of sustainable farming practices, says Hailemariam Teklewold, a researcher at the University of Gothenburg and International Research Associate to the Environmental Economics Policy Forum for Ethiopia. >> Click to Read the full interview.

According to its website, EurActiv's coverage concentrates less on the institutional side of EU policies and more on policy debates upstream (i.e. before the institutional legislative process begins). They also look at policies from the private sector perspective, meaning essentially industry, NGOs and the national press.

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