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2018-07-09 | News

EfD organized two pre-conference summer courses

WCERE 2018:  Before the WCERE 2018 conference in Gothenburg, EfD arranged two summer-courses in Spatial Analysis in Economics and the environment and Application of Experimental Methods in Climate Policy supported by funding from Sida.

Sida funded 36 participants to attended the two summer-courses that took place in Gothenburg June 23-25. The target audience for the courses were researchers, policy analysts, and policy makers from low and middle income countries who received their PhD within the past 7 years. Researchers who work on policy-relevant issues, and policy analysts and policy makers with research backgrounds who wish to learn advanced theory and methods related to economic aspects of ecosystem services, where particularly encouraged to apply.

The Spatial Analysis in Economics and the Environment course focused on the spatial dimensions of  economic activities and the fact that the this dimension is rarely taken into account when designing economic policies. This course taught the students spatial methods of analysis and provided an overview of how these methods can be used to improve economic policy advice.

Instructors were:
Assoc. Prof. Anne-Sophie Crépin (The Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics, Stockholm, Sweden) Course leader and lecturer.
Asst. Prof. Efthymia Kyriakopoulou (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala) Course leader and lecturer
Prof. Ian Bateman (University of Exeter, UK) Lecturer to be confirmed
Jeremy Proville (Environmental Defense Fund, New York) Lab sessions
Prof. Elizabeth Robinson (University of Reading, UK) Lecturer
Prof. Jim Wilen (University of California Davis, US) Lecturer
Prof. Anastasios Xepapadeas (Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece and University of Bologna, Italy)

The Applications of experimental methods to climate policy course focused on experimental economics methods and to provide an overview on how these methods can be used to evaluate the effect of different climate policies on human behavior. The course was designed to combine traditional lectures with hands-on experience of designing, conducting and analyzing lab and field experiments on climate policy interventions.

Instructors were:
Prof Peter Martinsson, (University of Gothenburg, Sweden) Course leader and lecturer.
Assoc. Prof Francisco Alpizar (CATIE, Costa Rica) Lecturer
Prof Astrid Dannenberg (University of Kassel, Germany) Lecturer
Prof Jörg Peters (RWI – Leibniz Institute fur Wirtschaftsforschung, Germany) Lecturer
Assoc. Prof Marcella Veronesi (University of Verona, Italy, and NADEL, ETH Zurich, Switzerland)