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2018-09-05 | News

EfD Colombia Center Director Jorge Bonilla emphasizes in the media the importance of adopting low emission technologies buses for Bogotá

During the Eight International Congress of Transport and Movility in Bogotá, EfD researcher Jorge Bonilla participated in a discussion panel with entrepreneurs of the transport sector and representatives from the local council and civil organizations. The topic of this discussion panel was how the local government could take advantage of the auction to replace 1400 buses of Transmilenio (Bogota’s BRT) to give access to low emission technologies. Panelists agree that there are good opportunities for gas-based buses to participate in the transport system, however, electricity buses could find more challenges to access the system due to the lack of the adequate infrastructure to power these buses.

Before the panel, Bonilla was interviewed by the news channel RED MAS tv about the desirability of increasing progressively the participation of renewable transport technologies in Bogotá. He pointed out the need of zero- or low-emission technology buses, giving priority to the most polluted zones to reduce the social costs of air pollution (see the interview in Spanish here):