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2016-04-29 | News

EfD- CA Director Statement on Earth Day

EfD Central America Director Francisco Alpizar was interviewed on national radio to reflect on Earth Day, and what actions are urgent under this celebration.

Dr. Alpizar quotes:  “The main challenge that comes to my head on Earth Day is a challenge of coordination, even though we  think locally we must think globally, following up the global to achieve local goals and that involves a global leadership, which Costa Rica has had in conservation, biodiversity and climate change. “

“Earth Day reminds us that we live in a world with finite resources that are integrated, this means that the degradation of nature impacts everything, so issues of environment that were historically associated with birds and flowers, are now related to agriculture, transport, disease vectors, water and a interaction of institutions that are not used to working so close, and in this Earth Day it brings us to this reflection: we must work together, the environment is the support system of life that affects us all.”

Dr. Alpizar also addressed the importance of water for human consumption and climate change in the region, and how the separation of private and public sector affect the integration of forces to solve environmental issues.  

To listen to the entire interview click here