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2008-01-01 | Peer Reviewed

Social Determinants of Soil and Water Conservation in Rural Kenya

Nyangena, Wilfred. 2008. “Social Determinants of Soil and Water Conservation in Rural Kenya.” Environment Development and Sustainability 10:6: 745-767.
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Soil erosion is a major environmental problem and threat to rural development in Kenya. Numerous attempts to address the problem have apparently had little success. There are however some districts that have been very successful, notably Machakos.

In this study we search for the factors that determine successful development in soil conservation such as social capital, human capital and market integration. One of our main results is that social capital measures are significant determinants of investment in soil conservation. A better understanding of the relevant mechanisms is essential for developing policies targeting improvement in natural resource management.



  • Other authors:
    Nyangena, Wilfred