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2007-10-31 | Discussion Paper

The Kenya Vision 2030 and the Environment: issues and challenges

Nyangena, Wilfred. 2007. “The Kenya Vision 2030 and the Environment: issues and challenges”
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In this study Kenya’s energy sector was overviewed for the period 1971-2004. The relation between total energy and total carbon dioxide emission was studied.

Emissions of carbon dioxide from the combustion of fossil fuels that may contribute to long-term environmental degradation are projected through 2030 using various models. Using the models developed in the study, the potential of GDP growth will be around 6% annually and the continuation of rapid economic growth could lead to overwhelming problems of CO2 emission reduction and energy security. For sustainable development, several measures including improvements in energy efficiency, switching to renewable sources of energy, stockpiling energy, enforcing air protection and a carbon tax may be urgently required.


  • Other authors:
    Nyangena, Wilfred