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2015-05-04 | EfD Discussion Paper

Climate Change and Food Security in Kenya

Kabubo-Mariara, Jane and Millicent Kabara. 2015. “Climate Change and Food Security in Kenya.” EfD Discussion Paper Series EfD DP 15-05.
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The paper investigates the effects of climate change on food security in Kenya. Fixed and random effects regressions for food crop security are estimated. The study further simulates the expected impact of future climate change on food insecurity based on the Special Report on Emissions Scenarios and Atmospheric Oceanic Global Circulation Models. The study is based on county-level panel data for yields of four major crops and daily climate variables data spanning over three decades. The results show that climate variability and change will increase food insecurity. Food security responds positively to favorable agro-ecological zones, soil drainage and depth, and high population density. The paper recommends strengthening policies on mitigation against and adaptation to climate change.