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2015-03-20 | project

Water studies in Kenya

Kenyan water utility – the Nairobi water company.

The Nairobi water company is considering a tariff reform. The research, that will utilize both the water company’s billing records and matching household surveys, will carry out policy analyses including an analysis of the incidence of current subsidies and water pricing and efficiency and equity implications of various tariff reform designs. It can be seen as a starting point for a more ambitious research program on pricing policies of public utilities.


Rural water source choice

Kenya is water scarce relative to global water benchmarks, and scarcity is even more acute in rural Kenya where water sources are likely to disappear due to climate change. There is also not as much research on rural water economy as there is in urban areas. This project will seek to explore the structure of household water sourcing decisions, analyze the structure of household consumption of water for different domestic purposes and, engage water management authorities in the identification of policy choices for improving water sourcing. The main objective of this research is to generate information that can inform the evolution of improved water management policies in Kenya.


Theme 4: Governance, policies and sustainable management.