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2011-01-26 | project

Park pricing policy

Park pricing has been one of the major impediment to growth of the tourism sector in Kenya. Like other environmental resources and public goods, national parks benefit society in many different ways. They perform not only ecological functions but also provide recreational facilities and earn foreign exchange to the country.

Despite the great contribution from national parks, they have continuously been undervalued. There is a felt need for the true valuation of national parks to allow for their sustainable utilization. The current pricing systems have not been sufficient to achieve the conservation level of nature as required by the society. The objective under this theme is to ensure that natural resources are priced efficiently in a manner that allow for their sustainable utilization. There is need to inform, educate, enthuse and encourage people to protect national parks and to ensure their sustainability. The study is also intended to stimulate meaningful debate within the region on importance of correctly pricing natural resources.