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Academic Program

As one priority area of EEPFE is to increase the number of trained environmental economists, EEPFE has very close academic links with the Department of Economics at Addis Ababa University (AAU). We support the research seminar series at this department and most of our research fellows are actively involved in teaching and thesis supervision in the graduate program. EEPFE also provides MSc thesis grants to those doing their thesis in the area of resource and environmental economics.

EEPFE also strives to expand the area of environmental economics throughout Ethiopia. In this regard we have initiated dialogue with various higher learning institutions with a masters level program in economics and/or natural resource management. Our research fellows also lecture at Mekelle University and Hawassa University in Ethiopia. In addition, EEPFE provides books and publication support to these higher learning institutions and plans to also reach newly established colleges and universities.

Masters Program

Masters of Science degree in Economics with concentration in Resource and Environmental Economics.

This masters programme equips students with strong analytical skills and critical thinking in the area of resource economics. It enables students to get the skills and experience in economic analysis, as a bridge between theories and real-world challenges. Professionals will qualify to work in teaching and research institutes, in governmental and non-governmental organizations, in the private or public sectors and in international organizations.

Read more about the masters program at Addis Ababa University Department of Economics webpage.

Recommended PhD Programs

PhD in Economics, Department of Economics, Addis Ababa University

PhD in Environmental Economics, Environmental Economics Unit, Department of Economics School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg

Courses in Environmental Economics

Graduate courses

  • Natural Resource Economics
  • Environmental Valuation and Policy

Undergraduate courses

  • Natural Resource and Environmental Economics

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