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Climate Change Workshop, Ethiopia

This workshop, held on July 20, 2011, provided an informative session on current climate change scenarios in Africa generally and Ethiopia particularly while initiating a forum for discussion among invited stakeholders.

A total of five papers were presented on this day.

1) Carbon Markets and Mitigation Strategies for Africa/Ethiopia: Literature Review and the Way Forward- Dr. Zenenbe Gebreegiabher and Dr. Alemu Mekonnen

2) Climate Conventions and Implications for Africa/Ethiopia- Dr. Adane Tuffa

3)Climate Finance and Implications for Sustainable Development in Africa/Ethiopia - Dr. Assefa Seyoum

4)Crop-livestock Inter-linkages, Agro-ecology and Climate Change Implications on Ethiopia's Agriculture: a Ricardian Approach - Mr. Meseret Molla

5) Climate Change and the Ethiopian Economy: A CGE Analysis- Prof. Jesper Stage

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