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2015-05-04 | EfD Discussion Paper

Assessment of the Potential Biomass Supply from Crop Residues in China

Chen, Xiaoguang. 2015. “Assessment of the Potential Biomass Supply from Crop Residues in China.” EfD Discussion Paper Series EfD DP 15-06.
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Using a mathematical programming model, we estimated the potential biomass supply from crop residues in China at various exogenously-given biomass prices and identified the areas that are likely to produce crop residues. Our analysis indicated that China can potentially produce about 153.0–244.2 million dry metric tons of crop residues per year when biomass prices are larger than $90 per metric ton. Rice straw is expected to account for about 47% of total residue production across the different biomass prices and residue production scenarios that we considered. Corn stover and wheat straw contribute 28% and 25%, respectively, to total biomass production in China.