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Researchers & Staff

Jintao Xu is the Coordinator of EfD in China/EEPC. Staff of the center are listed below and more about our domestic associates and international associates can be found through the related links.

  • Center Director and Senior Research Fellow

Xu, Jintao

Jintao Xu is Director of China Center for Environmental and Energy Economics (CCEEE) at the National School of Development, Peking University. He is an Associate Dean and a professor of economics at the National School of Development, Peking University.

  • Research Fellow

Chen, Shuai

Dr Shuai Chen obtained his Ph.D. degree at the College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Peking University (China) in 2014. After that, he worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Guanghua School of Management, Peking University for nearly two years.

  • Center Deputy Director & Senior Research fellow

Qin, Ping

Ping Qin is Deputy Director of EEPC. She is an Associate Professor at Department of Energy Economics, School of Economics at Renmin University of China. She completed her PhD thesis in economics at the Department of Economics, University of Gothenburg,Sweden, in 2009, and worked at RFF, Resources for the Future in Washington DC for one year.

  • Senior Research Fellow

Wang, Min

Dr Min Wang joint the National School of Development, Peking University since September, 2011 and has been an Associate Professor since 2015. He received his PhD in Economics at the Department of Economics, Iowa State University, U.S. in November 2010. He has been working as a Research Associate in the Department of Economics in Michigan State University in 2011.

  • Senior Research Fellow

Zhang, Dandan

Dandan Zhang is currently an Associate Professor at the National School of Development, Peking University. She received her Ph.D. in Economics from the Australian National University in 2010.

  • Senior Research Fellow

Chen, Xiaoguang

Xiaoguang Chen obtained his Ph.D. degree in Agricultural and Consumer Economics, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, on August 2010. He has been a Professor of The Research Institute of Economics and Management, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics since January 2014.

  • Senior Research Fellow

Huang, Zhuo

Dr. Zhuo Huang obtained his Ph.D. in Economics at Stanford University in 2011. He is currently an Associate Professor in Economics at the National School of Development, Peking University.

  • Senior Research Fellow

Zhang, Xiaobing

Assistant Professor in Economics at the School of Economics, Renmin University. His expertise and research interests are generally in the area of energy economics, climate policy and environmental economics.

  • Research Fellow

Xing, Jianwei

Dr. Jianwei Xing received his Ph.D. in Economics from Cornell University. He is now an Assistant Professor at the National School of Development, Peking University. His research interests includes Resource and Environmental Economics, and Empirical Industrial Organization.

  • Senior Research Fellow

Xie, Lunyu

Lunyu Xie obtained her Ph.D. in Agricultural and Resource Economics at UC Berkeley in 2013. She has been an Associate Professor since May 2018 at the Department of Economics, Renmin University of China. Her research interests includes energy and environmental economics, forestry and agricultural economics, transport economics, etc.

  • Administrative Officer

Cheng, Dian

As administrative officer of EEPC, Ms Dian Cheng is responsible for the preparation of financial reports, research project management, budget follow-ups, payments and other administrative affairs.

  • Communication Officer

Yin, Hang

Ms. Hang Yin is the administration officer undertaking responsibilities for communications and data management.

  • Research Fellow

Liu, Shilei

Shilei Liu received his PhD in Economics from National School of Development, Peking University, in 2018. He is currently an postdoctoral researcher in NSD. As a research fellow of EfD China, he mainly works on the marine program, including ocean pollution and management, seafood production, etc.

  • Senior Research Fellow

Zhang, Shiqiu

Shiqiu Zhang is a professor of environmental economics and Deputy Dean, College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Peking University. She graduated from the Economics Department and the Center for Environmental Sciences at PKU, majoring in economics and environmental sciences, respectively.

  • Research Fellow

Shi, Miaoying

Miaoying Shi currently is a postdoctoral research fellow in Peking University. Graduated from the College of Agricultural and Natural Resources, Michigan State University, Miaoying Shi has had a certain exposure to the fields of natural resource economics, natural resource systems modeling, environmental economics, etc.

  • Research Fellow

Yi, Yuanyuan

YuanYuan Yi is  a consultant at the World Bank.