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Academic Program

The EEPC, in association with the Institute of Environment and Economy (IoEE) at Peking University and with the support of the Environmental Economics Unit of the University of Gothenburg, is developing productive international scholars and institutions in order to advance its academic exploration in modern environmental ecomomics. We receive students from all over China who are interested in environmental sciences and economics. Our graduate program includes an MSc in Environmental Economics and Policy and a PhD in Environmental Economics, Resources economics. The EEPC is actively involved in teaching and supervision in both undergraduate and graduate programs in environmental and resources economics.

Undergraduate Program

Courses in this program will cover the theoretical basis for environmental economics; the economic analysis of environmental pollution and resources depletion, the allocation of environmental resources, the cost benefit analysis, the valuation techniques, the environmental policy and market based instruments, economic analysis of global environmental problems.

Course overview of Environmental Economics at undergraduate level

Double Major Program

The Double Major in Economics Program is for undergraduates at Peking University who are not majoring in Economics courses, in which Environmental Economics and Natural Resource Economics courses will provide some basic concepts and theories of environmental economics and natural resource economics for students to analyse environmental issues.

Course overview of Environmental Economics course

Course overview of Natural Resource Economics course

Masters Program

Master of Science in Environmental Economics and Policy

This masters program prepares professionals with strong analytical skills and a critical, objective vision, both essential to confronting the interrelated challenges of development and environment protection, whether in the private or public sectors, non-governmental organizations, or in academic institutions.

Course overview of Environmental Economics and Policy at graduate level

Master of Business Administration (Energy and Environmental Policy course)

Course overview of Energy and Environmental Policy course

Recommended PhD Programs

Ph.D in Environmental Economics, Resources Economics

By incorporating PKU's strength in economics and natural sciences, EEPC will be able to develop a comprehensive curriculum for its PhD program and students will be able to develop their skills in a multi-disciplinary environment. With assistance from international collaborators and programs within the university, EEPC strives for the establishment of a top Ph.D program in environmental economics.

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