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2012-11-02 | Policy Brief

Realizing REDD+: what role for Payments for Environmental Services?

Persson, U. Martin, Francisco Alpízar and Anna Nordén,2012, "Realizing REDD+: what role for Payments for Environmental Services?", Focali Brief No 2012:02, Gothenburg.
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This Brief presents a framework that can be used to assess the potential impact of Payments for Environmental Services (PES) schemes.

Factors that determines the impact of PES are discussed such as additional forest conservation through targeted payments and the risk for unintended incentives and consequences and feelings of injustice among those who don´t receive payments. The brief further discuss the role for PES in national REDD+ policy.

The Brief provides examples from Costa Rica and Mexico on behavioral aspects of PES with implication for the efficiency of PES in REDD+ policy. Landowners were during the field research interviewed about socio-economic characteristics and land issues. Economic experiments with Landowners were further carried out to examine behavioral responses to PES in Costa Rica.