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2014-09-24 | News | AC3

EfD Fellow Róger Madrigal presents at the 5th Latin American Meeting of Community Water Management

AC3- CATIE researchers, Roger Madrigal, Chelsia Moraes and Eugenia León

The keynote speech by EfD Senior Research fellow Róger Madrigal highlighted that climate predictions are substantially drier for most of Central America, and that adaptability of community based organizations in charge of providing water services largely depends on their management capacity and accessibility of external technical and financial assistance.

The 5th Latin American Meeting on Community Water Management is organized by the Latin American Federation of Community Organizations, Water Services and Sanitation (CLOCSAS), the National Union of Communal Aqueducts (UNAC), the National Cooperative North Union (URCOZON RL) and National Institute of Water and Sewer Costa Rica (AyA):

The event’s objective is to establish links between communities based organizations and various initiatives, projects and technologies in water and sanitation, and enable the exchange of experiences and knowledge for the benefit of community services and conservation of water resources. The gathering attracted more than 400 participants from 15 countries of the region. International and national speakers shared with the Costa Rican and Latin American public presentations to strengthen the water sector and community water management. The President of the Republic of Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solis, attended the opening ceremony.

Participants represented technological institutes, research centers, independent inventors, businesses, universities, community organizers and any other person or entity working on community water management issues. Sharing of knowledge and information is valuable for an effective and efficient work on management of water resources.

The project “Water for human Consumption, Communities and Climate change: expected impacts and Adaptation in Central America” (AC3 project), run by CATIE with the financial support from IDRC, participated as part of the "Capacity Building and Adaptation to Climate Change" Panel. Our principal investigator Róger Madrigal contributed with the keynote presentation: "Water, Communities and Climate Change, the AC3 Project”. His participation highlighted that predictions are substantially drier for most of Central America and how adaptability of community based organizations in charge of providing water services depend largely on their capability to run scenarios and the accessibility to external technical and financial assistance.

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