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2012-11-01 | News

EfD to become independent legal entity

At the recent EfD annual meeting in Costa Rica the Coordination Committee made a number of important decisions.

First a five year strategic plan was decided upon. This plan includes ambitions of growth for EfD both in terms of number of centers involved and in collaborations for sustainable funding and increased impact.

An important part of the strategy is to establish EfD as its own independent legal entity. To this effect, new institutional arrangements were decided upon. These include the establishment of a foundation with a board consisting of representatives of the EfD centers. The board will be the highest decision making body within EfD and will appoint the Research Committee and the Secretariat. The EfD Director, Gunnar Köhlin, said, "This is a historical moment! This will enable EfD to become a truly global organization with the ambition to be the largest and most efficient organization to channel research funds to environmental economics research in developing countries.”