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2018-05-14 | author

Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay

Prof Mukhopadhyay’s research is in the economics of health, development and public policy. He is also a fellow of the Institute of Study of     Labor (IZA), Germany. He has published extensively in national and international journals,. His recent work includes forecasting electricity demand for the Central Electricity Authority, India and analyzing the “Agriculture-Nutrition”disconnect in the context of India. He received his PhD from The Pennsylvania State University in 2004. He was a dissertation fellow at the Federal Reserve Bank, Cleveland and a post doctoral fellow at GREQAM, France. He has also been an academic visitor at the London School of Economics, Institute of Development Economics (Japan) and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain). He has received extensive research grants from the World Bank, Planning Commission (India) and DFID.

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