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2017-03-21 | author

Annika Kjellgren

Annika Kjellgren is the Institutional Development manager of EfD. She holds a Master's International Relations from Johns Hopkins University (2006) and an Executive Masters in Business Administration from University of Gothenburg (2015).

Prior to her role at EfD, she worked 8 years (2006-2014) for the World Bank based in Washington DC supporting program preparation, delivery, management and assessments in various roles for governments in Africa and Asia. Prior to the World Bank, she worked for UNDP in Moldova on a Public-Private partnership initiative (2006) and worked in corporate finance both for PricewaterhouseCoopers and Riggs Capital Partners in the US (1998-2003).

Her main areas of responsibility include: Project management and coordination of EfD secretariat activities; Organizational development; Partner and donor contacts; Planning and reporting; Monitoring and Evaluation; and Workshops and Conferences.  Annika is on parental leave and will work part-time from September 2018.