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2009-06-23 | author

Asmerom Kidane

Asmerom Kidane is a Professor of Economics and Statistics in the Department of Economics, University of Dar es Salaam. His major research interest is Microeconometrics-especially Economic Demographic modeling. Over the past thirty six years he has published in regional and international journals and presented papers in many conferences. As a graduate student he was an AFGRAD fellow. He has been Visiting Professor in several universities in the USA, South Africa and currently in Tanzania.

Kidanes “most cited articles” include: Demographic consequence of Famine: in the American journal “Demography”, Mortality estimates of Famine: in “The Scandinavian Journal of Public Health”, Demand for Energy: in the journal “Energy Economics”. Production Technologies in Agriculture: in the journal “Agricultural Economics”. Of which the most of his articles are directly or indirectly related to Environment.

Research area:

  • Economic Demographic Modelling
  • Demography Poverty Trap
  • Welfare Economics
  • Quality,Reliability and Consistency of African Data


Peer Reviewed

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