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2019-06-11 | author

Kevin Coldrey

Kevin Coldrey has an undergraduate degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Cape Town (2008), an Honours degree in Economics from UNISA (2011), and an MPhil from the African Climate and Development Initiative, University of Cape Town (2017). Kevin’s work pertains largely to the impact of climate change on biodiversity and society, where he uses his experience in socio-economic and ecosystem service modelling, vulnerability assessment framework development, and econometric and spatial analysis to assist governments and NGOs with developing appropriate adaptation responses in African countries.

Kevin has developed a framework from which to assess the vulnerability of protected areas to climate change, which has since been applied globally through a number of projects at varying spatial scales. Apart from his work in climate change and protected areas, Kevin also has experience in modeling and assessing the value of ecosystem services across a number of ecosystem types and service types.


Current Research:

Assessing and estimating the direct and indirect socio-economic benefits of investments in ecological infrastructure for development of an investment and financial case: An assessment of the different social and economic benefits and risks of investing in ecological infrastructure (IE) for different investment actors, as well as the estimation of these benefits and risks for development of an investment and financial case in both the Berg/Breede and Umgeni catchments.