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2018-08-28 | author

Esteban Aguayo Akesson

Esteban works as project administrator for the EfD secretariat.  His main tasks are to work on with the EfD indicators and prepare for the next project evaluation. 

He holds a Master Science in Economics from University fo Gothenburg 2016,  and a  B.A. in Economics from ITESM Mexico. Esteban has worked as Research Coordinator for the Sida funded Global Forum and as Market Analyst for Goteborg & Co in Sweden. His main role was to describe market trends and financial analysis to the City Board Members. Also, support the communicational platform and produce the Business Intelligence monthly report to the management team.

Esteban also  has experience in working with the Educational Minister of Mexico and the Inter-American Development Bank to perform and develop a dashboard of Rural Education Indicators in the country, including gender and socio-demographic aspects.