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2016-11-24 | organisation

Research Nucleus Center for the Socioeconomic Impact of Environmental Policies (CESIEP)

Center  for Socioeconomic Impact of Environmental Policies, CESIEP, a Millennium Nucleus supported by The Millennium Science Initiative (ICM), of the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism. Awarded by public tender in 2015.

Our sponsoring institutions are the Universidad Católica de Chile and the Universidad de Talca.

The Center focuses on what we term Environmentally Relevant Policies (ERPs), government programs and interventions that affect the natural environment. These policies can alter how humans interact with the environment both directly, through specific regulations, and indirectly through their influence on agriculture, land-use decisions, tourism, and other activities, although the policies might not be ostensibly aimed at environmental goals.

The primary and overarching objective of the Center is to understand and measure the environmental, social and economic sustainability of environmental policies through improved modeling and measurement of the causal links between ERPs and various measures of human welfare (employment, income, poverty, inequality, health).