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Organisation and contact

The EfD Initiative is organised into two decision making committees: The Coordination Committee and the Research Committee. The administrative hub is the EfD Secretariat. Specific center support in Policy Interaction and Communication is provided by the PIC support team and Center for Environment and Sustainability (GMV).

Coordination Committee

The Coordination Committee oversees the overall planning and organisation of the EfD Initiative. It consists of the Directors from all  centers, the EfD Director and the Chair of the EfD Research Committee. The Coordination Committee convenes twice a year.

Research Committee

The Research committee is made up of individuals who provide strategic and academic guidance  to the EfD initiative. The research committee prioritizes research themes and allocates resources from the Research Fund. Members are nominated by the EfD centers and are appointed by the coordination committee for a renewable two-year term. Current members of the EfD Research Committee are:


The EfD Secretariat is the administrative hub of EfD. The secretariat serves the EfD centres with administrative support and facilitates the platform to help share experiences between the EfD centres and other relevant actors. The EfD secretariat is a special unit at School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg. We are:

Gunnar Köhlin,Director
Maria Damon, Director, Institutional Development
Franklin Amuakwa-Mensah, Research Manager
Susanna Olai, Program Manager 
Po-Ts'an Goh, Project Administrator
Karin Jonson, Communication Manager 
Eugenia León,  Communication Officer 
Carolina Guzmán, Communication Officer (works 75% for EfD Secretariat and 25% for EfD Central America)
Thomas Sterner, Head of the Environmental Economics Unit, University of Gothenburg

For questions related to various secretariat functions please email:

General management:
Data management:


EfDs Policy Interaction and Communication (PIC) support team

The PIC support team give  central resource to all EfD centers on issues that relates to Policy Interaction and Communications. Please contact the people below on their specific responsibilities. For questions that relates to one specific EfD center, please contact the local communication officer of that country under center pages.

Karin Jonson,Communication manager:
Main responsibilities:  Overall coordination and budgeting, new development, Newsletter, Social media

Eugenia León,Communication Officer
Main responsibilities: new development, center reports and promotional material, video production

Carolina Guzmán, Communication Officer
Main responsibilities: web publishing support

Cyndi Berck, Editor
Main responsibilities: Provides editorial services to EfD Researchers and staff on particular: EfD Discussion paper series, EfD Book series, EfD Research Briefs, Annual reports

Leonie Joubert, Science Writer, Journalist and Author
Main responsibilities: Support EfD centers in popular science writing. 

Emelie Cesar, Policy Analyst
Main responsibilities:  Policy interaction advice and dialogue with centers on demand


Center for Environment and Sustainability

The Centre for Environment and Sustainability, GMV, in Gothenburg is a network organisation at Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg. GMV includes the Environmental economics and policy group led by Anders Ekbom which is associated to EfD. The group was formerly placed at the Department of Economics and moved to GMV in 2011. 

EfD's main contact persons at GMV is:
Emelie Cesar